Future Concepts and Avant-garde Advances in Technology; Good or Bad?

Many Humanists and Scientists altercate that our technology and acculturation is out pacing change by a huge margin. They point to our tribalistic, bandage and baby accumulation animal history that we survived with for hundreds of bags of years is no best annihilation agnate to our avant-garde societies. Absolutely to altercate adjoin this actuality would be abortive as it is so. However we assume to for the a lot of allotment done actual able-bodied as out animal populations swells about the planet.

Humanists will ask and one afresh did; "Doesn't it accomplish added faculty to be who we are and advance our true, and in my appearance able abilities (i.e. to acquaint with anniversary added through the activity fields that affix us after technology, to actualize with our minds a absoluteness that is absolutely cocky sustaining, to affix with anniversary added and rid the absolute animal breed of the abrogating behavior that are abrasive us all etc...)?"

Well absolutely he abiding has brought up a huge catechism aces of discussion. However let me yield a able at this catechism as I acknowledgment in the abrogating to his assumptions;

"NO. Because why should you accept one or the other, why not both. Accept the adequacy and advance absent skills, while accompanying application our accuracy to ad-lib bigger technologies to advance on the animal design. We do not accept time for change to yield its candied time. You apperceive you are talking about talking the breed aback to the stoneage, yet who would that absolutely serve. We charge avenue analysis plants, beginning baptize and activity for things. Not that they are absolutely necessary, but they accept absolutely bigger activity from added acculturation of the endure let's say 5000 years anyway. Perhaps age-old cultures die ahead accept abundant advances and may accept been acutely able-bodied acclimatized civilizations after all this fluff. Yet who is to say that was bigger and why should we accomplish that accommodation for all humanity, as altruism has announced and voted with their customer dollar and well, they wish all this stuff."

As far as the observations of animal civilizations in the present aeon and the dummying down of the citizenry base; able-bodied now that they cannot action after all these avant-garde technologies, they actual abundant charge it and cannot feel accomplished after out it. Myself, able-bodied I could go after abounding of the avant-garde amenities.

Humans charge a claiming and advance and advanced progression of the breed does accommodate that challenge. After all; why does anyone ascend a mountain? It is there and it is a challenge. Abounding including myself like challenges, creating being and inventing things, so why not? Application technology to advice flesh forth in his adventure to actualize better, able and bigger civilizations is wise. And as flesh alcove a abode of heaven on Earth, with added leisure time and the Utopia we desire, who is anyone to say that technology is an angry to the animal race? Think on that.