Modern Technology, Are You Keeping Up With It?

I don't know about you but our family has fifteen plus photograph albums stored in a cupboard in our home. They document twenty five plus years of my wife and I meeting, children free holidays, decorating and extending our first home. Precious photos of our three children making their way through their respective lives and much, much more!

I've spoken to many people about their cherished photograph albums and asked the same question, "How often do you open one up and flick through all those golden pages?" Hardly ever is the usual response.

A while back we decided that we would select a dozen or so of these photos, these fantastic memories and pin them to a board for all to see, changing them regularly. Trouble was, we only did this a couple of times within six months!

Ok, nowadays, with the advent of digital media, precious memories are easier to view, but not for everyone...the older generation. And I do believe that most of the photos that are taken nowadays, whether taken with a "standard" camera or 'phone with a camera, are gathering dust on the SD card or hard drive!

Our children's grand-parents do not own a computer, therefore, Facebook and other Social Media sites are not something that they can use to keep up with our sporting activities, celebrations and other past-times that would interest them and in some cases make them proud!

As you know, if you would like something done via your PC, laptop or mobile device, ask one of your children! We asked our children if they could scan our fifteen plus photograph albums into our PC..."no problem" they replied.

This is definitely one of the best moves that we have ever made. Being organised children, (most of the time) they also compiled folders with titles for them regarding who's in them, when, where etc. Fantastic! as we are now able to flick through them effortlessly and more importantly, regularly!

One of our daughters has taken this a step further and turned these images into videos! Don't ask me how on earth she managed to do that! The result is quite remarkable! She also decided to copy her videos onto a DVD for her Nan and Grandad to view (They don't have a PC).

Long live modern technology and it's never-ending progress, I see this idea as being able to make a lot of "techno-phobes" and people of a certain age... very happy!