Can Modern Technology Help Save The Environment?

More and more people are worrying about the state of the planet's environment. With temperatures rising, along with the sea levels, and widespread droughts and food shortages on the horizon, more and more businesses are looking to reduce their environmental impact.

But could a potential solution be staring them in the face? Could modern communications technology offer a real solution to the huge carbon emissions created by commerce around the world?

A growing number of people think so, and this article demonstrates a number of ways that modern technology can lead to lower emissions and a better environment.

The Polluter: Aircraft

A trans-Atlantic flight burns huge amounts of fuel, emits hundreds of tonnes of carbon, and can be extremely costly for both the environment and the commuters traveling on the plane. And that's before the emissions of the necessary baggage handling, component replacement and support structures are taken into account. If the number of intercontinental flights could be reduced, the amount of carbon emitted could also be significantly reduced.

The Solution: Video Conferencing

A webcam, microphone, internet connection and access to Skype are far less costly than a flight, both in financial and environmental terms. Modern video conferencing software allows people to virtually attend meetings and conferences anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.

The Problem: Unavoidable Emissions

No matter how environmentally conscious you are, your business has to emit carbon. Whether you're running a factory conveyor belt, a bank of PCs or just turning on a light, you're emitting carbon. And all that extra CO2 leads to problems for the environment.

The Solution: Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting isn't all about planting trees. You can offsett your emissions by investing in new modern energy-saving technologies, alongside more established alternative power sources like wind, water and solar power.